Accelerating Change

What is Change Management?

Change management facilitates the human transition from current reality to a future state. The purpose is to accelerate the speed at which people move through the change process, so that anticipated benefits are achieved faster.

When is Change Management Needed?

Some people struggle with the idea that “change experts” are needed. We are often asked about this, and are also asked why the change work, which has historically been seen as soft, is so hard. We all know it’s not rocket science, so what’s the big deal?

What Do We Do?

We work with executive leadership to create an environment for success.

How do we do this? We focus on a variety of things, including:


“It’s all about the people, stupid!”

Ivo Nelson, Chairman and CEO, Next Wave Health

Our Promise


No consultant-speak, but rather authentic conversations; advice, recommendations and action for the change your organization is experiencing.

Access to industry experts who are forward-thinking and relevant to tomorrow’s reality – the people who wrote the book on healthcare change initiatives.

Sherpa-like guidance: In an uncertain and ambiguous world, the confidence and tools to drive towards the vision. Like Sherpas in Nepal, we will guide you and help to keep you on track, not do it for you.

A working partnership. As Scott Joslyn, Sr. VP and CIO of MemorialCare Health System counsels, we provide a partnership that helps you “be biased toward self-sufficiency. Develop your staff. Don’t be dependent on consultants long-term. Get a few really, really good experts to mentor your staff and steer around the landmines that are largely only known with experience.”

Not a cookie-cutter approach but a proven methodology and the access to experts who have done it and continue to do it today.

About Us


Claire McCarthy Garets

Claire McCarthy Garets is an internationally recognized change management and technology adoption strategist with over three decades of experience supporting diverse healthcare organizations through transformative technology implementations.

David E. Garets

Dave Garets has 25 years of experience as a healthcare CIO, industry analyst, and advisor to solutions companies, investors, governments and healthcare delivery organizations.

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